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Ensure the integrity of your sensitive pharma cargo throughout the supply chain with our specialist logistics solutions

The lack of customs cohesion poses huge risks for pharma cargo. The highest risk to the integrity of a pharmaceutical product being distributed in Africa is often at the transit point, according to Ryan Viegas, head of logistics for the Asia Pacific (Apac) region at pharmaceutical company, Teva. Speaking at the Air Cargo Africa 2017 conference in Johannesburg, Viegas said that customs stops at airports often caused “excessive” delays. “This is especially true in Africa with every country requiring different documentation,” he said.

How can these delays be curbed?

End-to-end visibility, including constant communication by the various supply chain service providers is key. As a highly-reliable, experienced and proficient pharma logistics solutions provider, Röhlig-Grindrod Pharma provides full supply chain visibility.

Viegas himself said his company’s priorities when choosing a service provider were firstly compliance with cool chain regulations, second was the service and third was the cost.

Partner with a Proficient Logistics Partner

At Röhlig-Grindrod Pharma, we have unique product solutions to maintain the integrity and safety of all pharmaceutical shipments.

We have stringent procedures in place for all shipments requiring customs clearance, verifying all relevant paperwork is comprehensively available and correct ahead of the actual transport to ensure smooth customs clearance and avoid delays.

We are fully compliant with local and international regulatory requirements and have strong, strategic relationships with local and international authorities. We are well-equipped to handle all customs, with a product library of over 1 000 000 verified tariff classifications on pharmaceutical commodities. Our state of the art track and trace system provides complete visibility on all orders throughout the supply chain, giving you full assurance that your cargo is on-track.

As a trusted logistics partner, Röhlig-Grindrod Pharma represents sizeable pharmaceutical importers, and with our global network of offices, staffed by our team of professional and expert individuals, we are ready to assist you with all your pharma freight forwarding needs.

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