Export documents

We’ll navigate you through the complex world of exports.

Export documents

Which export documents are essential?

Air freight has to be quick – but what use is the best connection between two places if there are avoidable delays at departure or arrival because of the wrong or missing papers?
 EU Deliveries
  • For deliveries within the EU an invoice, packing note or delivery note with the following data is sufficient: sender, recipient, content, delivery conditions, weight and number of parcels.

Documents that are generally necessary:

Forwarding advice / Dispatch permit
  • Sender, recipient (phone number and contact person), content, number of parcels, weight, delivery conditions and if necessary dispatch regulations.
  • Proforma or trade invoice with the value of the listed goods, also in the case of goods being delivered for free or on guarantee. However, a proforma invoice must specify the value which corresponds to the real trade value.

Documents that may be necessary:

Copy of letter of credit 
  • If you are buying with a “letter of credit” in order to be able to issue the transport documents in accordance with the conditions.
 Export declaration / Unit paper (EU) 
  • for the customs clearance for goods in accordance with the legal regulations. Provided on request.
  • if necessary (our customs service will gladly advise you if this is necessary)
Other documents 
  • such as vet’s certificates, dangerous goods declarations etc. – contact us we will be glad to help you!

Packing list

The packing list must contain the same listed goods as the invoice, along with weight, dimensions, and quantity of the products. The packing list does not include any prices. Moreover, the packing list should inlcude the final piece count, weight and dimensions of the goods after they have been packed ready for export.

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