Warehousing and
Contract Logistics

Warehouse Management Solutions designed for efficiency, flexibility and cost savings

 Personalised Warehousing Solutions

We provide personalised warehouse and logistics solutions designed for efficiency, flexibility and cost savings, thereby adding value to your supply chain.

Services include, amongst others:
  • Pick and pack, kitting, labelling
  • Unpack and repack
  • Parts cleaning and repair
  • Barcode and document scanning
  • Processing and management of returns
  • Order fulfilment
  • Cross-docking
  • Bonded/virtual warehousing


You have a choice of dedicated or shared warehousing facilities depending on your specific needs and the benefit of highly skilled staff, security, and space, as well as market-leading software and equipment.

Our Warehouse Management System enables customers to manage their inventory effectively with stock level visibility, e-documentation functionality, and an online portal which allows for communicating warehousing instructions and requests.

Compliance with ISO standards and all health, safety and environmental regulations are strictly enforced at all our facilities.

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