Customs airports

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Customs airports

Airfreight consignments have to comply with the customs regulations of the country of origin and the country of destination. This is why air freight consignments may only be sent from (or to) airports which have the necessary customs clearing and forwarding, the so-called “Customs Airports”. In the case of doubt we will gladly tell you if the nearest airport to your supplier or sender is a “Customs Airport”.

Max. loading height per type of plane

  • Airbus 310 – 160 cm
  • Airbus 320 – 114 cm
  • Boeing 727 – 111 cm
  • Boeing 737 – 86 cm
  • Boeing 747 F (Freight plane) – 300 cm
  • Boeing 747 M (Mixed Version) – 300 cm
  • MD 80 – 70 cm
Some general recommendations:
  • within Europe – max. 70 cm
  • overseas – max. 160 cm
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