Flying Pharma: Efficient Air Freight of Medical Cargo

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Röhlig-Grindrod Pharma ensures the integrity of sensitive cargo at every stage of the supply chain – whether by road, sea or air.

Due to its highly-sensitive nature, medical cargo needs to be transported quickly and efficiently to where and when it is needed, and air transportation certainly offers that advantage.

GDP: Ensuring Efficient Pharma Distribution

However, according to the Seabury Group, only 0.5 million tonnes of pharmaceutical products are transported by air every year, compared to 3.5 million tonnes by sea. The reason for this difference is that “a lot of things can go wrong” at one of the many handling points across the supply chain, according to Nathan De Valck, chairman of Pharma. Aero and product development manager at Brussels Airport.

“In general, there has been a disconnect between the expectations and requirements of pharmaceutical shippers and the actual quality of service provided by different logistics service providers in the air cargo supply chain,” De Valck says. “In short, the shippers were not always getting the quality service they were expecting, resulting in a high-risk profile and in a number of temperature excursions.”

Good Distribution Practices (GDP) is a quality certification for warehouse and distribution centers dedicated for medicines. Internationally accepted pharmaceutical GDP regulations stipulate that distributors of pharmaceutical products must align their operations with the standards. It ensures that consistent quality management systems are in place throughout the entire pharma logistics supply chain.

Top 6 Benefits of GDP Certified Logistics Systems

The correct implementation of pharma freight systems within a GDP operation has many benefits for both the operating organisation and its customers. These benefits include:

  1. Ensuring principles of GDP are consistently applied throughout the supply chain
  2. Maintaining product integrity and patient safety
  3. Reducing distribution complaints
  4. Improving customer confidence
  5. Reducing expensive mistakes
  6. Improving efficiency and margins while lowering costs and wastage

Röhlig-Grindrod Pharma’s Air Freight Solutions

As a proudly certified GDP compliant logistics company, Röhlig-Grindrod Pharma will ensure the safe, secure and timeous transportation of your pharma cargo via air freight. Our certification demonstrates our commitment to being a vital partner within the pharma supply chain, ensuring the utmost quality at every step of the supply chain.

We offer back-to-back and door-to-door air freight services, including strategic procurement, capacity management, customs and quarantine management, charter services, as well as insurance services. We have strategic partnerships with validated cold chain service providers, ensuring that your cargo is kept within the correct temperature zones.

Partner with a logistics company with extensive experience and expertise in moving pharmaceutical products. Contact our dedicated pharma team now.

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