The New Remedy For Supply Chain Challenges

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Managing pharmaceutical supply chains can be a tough pill to swallow with new advances in technology, new regulations, and more personalised medicine. Röhlig-Grindrod Pharma has the tools to tackle these challenges.

The emergence of e-commerce is one of several changes reshaping the pharmaceutical supply chain. Others include technological advances such as The Internet of Things (IoT) changing regulations and the drive to more personalised medicine.

Successfully navigating these changes will be key to effective supply chain and logistics management. “Supply chain excellence is as critical as the nature of the pharmaceutical goods being transported’” says Mervin Naidoo, Chief Information Officer at Röhlig-Grindrod Pharma.

Before achieving supply chain excellence, most companies will need to address plenty of obstacles. One challenge is the difficulty of accurately forecasting demand, particularly for new products that often take years to gain regulatory approval.

Röhlig-Grindrod Pharma forecasts demand by assembling data from multiple sources, such as historical transaction volume, sales forecasts, and supplier input.

Technology will play a critical role in how we tackle some of our challenges. For instance, unit loading devices (ULDs) enable us and distributors to closely monitor the shipments’ location and status while in transit. Many devices now provide this data in real-time and we know what’s happening to our goods in transit and can act to avert damaged or lost products.

The changes currently affecting the pharmaceuticals supply chain continue to grow. Advancing technology will keep boosting and improving supply chain efficiency and transparency. Röhlig-Grindrod embraces these shifts and we continue to optimise our supply chain and that is what gives us a competitive advantage.

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