Superloading A Cyclindrical Slag Filtering Device

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When you’ve been in the freight industry for as long as we have, you’re bound to have the odd request from a client. What do we do? We explore the requirements and accept the challenge, be it big or small. We actually pride ourselves in undertaking challenges and pushing the limit when it comes to freight forwarding. Some of the strange requests we’ve received, include live animals, vintage cars and engine blocks from the world’s finest locomotives. Whatever your requirement, we’re glad to accept the challenge and constantly test ourselves.

Over the past 2 months, we’ve highlighted our proudest achievements in terms of odd requests and the manner in which we’ve dealt with them. There seems to be an interest in the strangest requests we’ve received, with this in mind, here’s another instance of a special request.

The Cylindrical Slag Filtering Device

Within the steel industry, there are tons of furnaces and machines that are required to successfully create moulded steel, smelted metals and molten steel. Our client procured a Cylindrical Slag Filtering Device for his company within the steel industry. The catch was that the Slag Filtering Device weighed a total of 51 tonnes, which wasn’t the actual complication.

However, this device had to directly be discharged onto a floating crane within the Shanghai Harbour and then transported. We managed to achieve this with our years of expertise within the logistics industry and the device was brought to the Durban Harbour in perfect condition, loaded onto a superload vehicle and transported to our client.

We can safely say the client was overjoyed with the service received from Röhlig-Grindrod and we hope this inspires you to get in touch with us for any of your logistical needs.

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