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When you’ve been in the freight industry for as long as we have, you’re bound to have the odd request from a client. What do we do? We explore the requirements and accept the challenge, be it big or small. We actually pride ourselves in undertaking challenges and pushing the limit when it comes to freight forwarding. Some of the strange requests we’ve received, include live animals, vintage cars and engine blocks from the world’s finest locomotives. Whatever your requirement, we’re glad to accept the challenge and constantly test ourselves.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be highlighting our proudest achievements with a series of odd requests and how we dealt with them.

Vintage Motorcycles for The Collector

It’s not often we receive requests that get the local petrolheads foaming at the mouth, but when we do, it’s special.

We once received a request from a customer to transport a vintage motorcycle from the 1930’s to Los Angeles. The bike was an ultra-rare 350cc Velocette MK8, which was sold to an American Museum for a cool $17 500.00 US.

We handled the request so well, that the very same customer requested we transport another vintage motorcycle from the 1950’s to Los Angeles once again. This time, the motorcycle was worth R400 000.00 and was a 1000cc Vincent Black Shadow, a 1955 model to be precise. Once again, another very rare collector’s item!

Each of these motorcycles were transported with utmost care and precision, arriving at their destination to the delight of their owner.

Once again, Röhlig-Grindrod is the ideal choice for any type of special cargo request. Get in touch, no matter what you need to move!

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