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Debbie Lentz, President of Global Supply Chain at RS Components and the Electrocomponents Group, provides some insight into how businesses can start to create and implement stand-out strategies to achieve globalisation as our supply chains are under extreme pressure to maintain demand.

Implementing processes that work for your business

The increased demand on an international scale requires working platforms that can adapt significantly, with the added challenge of maintaining communication across multiple countries and time zones.

Establishing an effective supply chain

Supply chain management is one of the most important aspects to maintain for globalisation and having a strategic ecosystem is critical. Without proper management and organisation, you can quickly lose track of processes.

Utilising technology

Globalisation and technology go hand in hand. With the use of digital platforms and tools, businesses can sell in global markets whilst also maintaining real-time communication amongst their teams.

By establishing a flexible supply chain, businesses can not only successfully merge into new markets but are equipped with the ability to address any eCommerce trade changes in the future effectively.

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