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Managing risks is an essential component to any supply chain and by not taking the correct precautions, a supply chain could be exposed to cyber attacks which cost the company millions. There are a range of risks that supply chains are exposed to which include, but are not limited to, commodity price functions, demand and supply disruptions, network disruptions and regulatory changes.

With 2020 now in full swing, it’s a wise decision for supply chains to take the necessary measures to avoid the impact of cybercrime.

In a bid to combat that threat, Bristlecone Labs has developed to conquer unforeseen risk and capitalise on actionable insights. is a smart supply chain app that can be your personal risk radar. allows supply chains to become more resilient through proactive and prompt risk and opportunity management. It also provides end-to-end visibility of the entire supply chain risks. It is Bristlecone’s flagship SaaS application that monitors events, quantifies their impact and proactively recommends a response to mitigate supply chain risks.

Here’s how it works: is a cloud-based early warning intelligence product. It allows supply chain professionals to sense, adapt and capitalise on dynamic real-world conditions by bringing external disruptions to the fore.

With you can take informed mitigation actions for your supply chain before risks manifest into losses.

Benefits and business value:

  • Proactive and prompt risk and opportunity management
  • Provides actionable recommendations
  • Quantification of risk assessment on key supply chain metrics
  • Links all the unstructured data and gives the user an easy way to understand idea of the bigger picture


  • Converting unstructured market data to structured event insights
  • Alerts in impacted supply chain nodes/partners
  • Quantification of supply, demand and fulfilment risk
  • Library of historically similar events

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