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When you’ve been in the freight industry for as long as we have, you’re bound to have the odd request from a client. What do we do? We explore the requirements and accept the challenge, be it big or small. We actually pride ourselves in undertaking challenges and pushing the limit when it comes to freight forwarding. Some of the strange requests we’ve received, include live animals, vintage cars and engine blocks from the world’s finest locomotives. Whatever your requirement, we’re glad to accept the challenge and constantly test ourselves.

Over the past few months, we’ve highlighted our proudest achievements in terms of odd requests and the manner in which we’ve dealt with them. There seems to be an interest in the strangest requests we’ve received, with this in mind, here’s another instance of a special request.

We received a request from a local shipping company, requiring our assistance in the logistical nightmare of transporting a boiler from China, to Cape Town. While this may not be a challenge for us, the weight certainly was. This particular boiler, weighed within the region of a whopping 6.5 tonnes, while the dimensions were in the region of 10.0m x 2.7m x 3.2m. Sounds huge, right?

Well, our experts at the Cape Town Operations and Sales teams ensured this would be transported in perfect condition. Once the boiler arrived at the Cape Town harbour, we ensured it was stored safely until the vessel that requires it was ready for installation.

Here’s to another excellent job by the Röhlig-Grindrod team.

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