Röhlig-Grindrod Opens New State of the Art Warehousing Facility

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Röhlig-Grindrod Opens New State of the Art Warehousing Facility

In June 2017 we moved into our new head office and warehousing facility, located in Meadowdale, Johannesburg. The R260 million development features cutting-edge technology and improved security measures. We hope to grow our warehousing footprint in the city, and bring our various warehousing facilities scattered throughout Johannesburg all under a single roof.

Gideon Botha, director of contract logistics and pharma believes that “Although the services out of our facilities were always of a very high standard, we knew that a number of efficiency gains could be achieved by consolidating these operations”.

The brand new warehouse facility has a footprint of 21000 square metres, with space for 27300 pallets. Though this footprint is about the same size as that of our existing warehouses combined, where we managed to maximise space was in the height of our racking shelves. By building the racking 13 metres high and using a high pallet packer throughout the facility, we were able to unlock more space than ever before.

The best feature of this new warehouse is that it was custom and purpose built specially for Röhlig-Grindrod. During the planning stages we identified exactly what our needs were, and implemented solutions that would suit our way of doing business best. The result is faster, more flexible, and efficient service for our customers.

One such need was the ability for the warehouse to handle large volumes of cargo throughput, while still maintaining efficiency and adhering to Röhlig-Grindrod’s stringent KPIs. In order to answer this need, we invested in the latest cutting-edge warehouse management systems and software. As customer centricity is one of our major values, the system will enable customers to manage their inventory through stock level visibility and an online portal – giving our customers complete control over their goods.


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