Why Supply Chains Should Reduce Their Plastic Footprint

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It’s difficult to imagine a world without plastic. As you look around you, it is clear that many products include plastic, this material is everywhere.

There are over 300 million tonnes of plastic produced each year, but a shocking 91% of it is not recycled and ends up littering the environment. The plastic epidemic is now at the forefront of global politics and the UN has recently encouraged nations to pledge to significantly reduce plastic by 2030.

The ‘war on plastic’ is gaining momentum and the world is becoming more focused on the environmental impact of plastic pollution.

Here is how supply chains can be proactive in eliminating plastic pollution:

Create a plastic strategy

Start by understanding the current political landscape in order to identify what trends may affect your business model. You should also undertake a plastic packaging inventory to identify potential risks or opportunities. Finally, you should develop your business’ priorities to help set objectives and identify the key areas of focus.

Consider replacing plastic with alternatives

Plastic might seem like the most attractive material to use as packaging, but it is not the only option. Other eco-friendly alternatives include glass or liquid wood. Products such as the paper straw prove that everyday products can be made with eco-friendly materials.

Recycling and Re-use

Supply chains need to find ways to re-use products that they already have and recycle products that are no longer fit for purpose. Organisations are now operating in a very climate conscious culture and this means that it is absolutely essential that measures are taken to reduce the use of plastic, and this starts with the supply chain.

Consumers are now even willing to pay more for products that don’t use plastic. So, what better way to win the war on plastic than being ahead of the game and already having plastic policies in place.

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