Röhlig-Grindrod is a proudly South African Freight Logistics service provider with our greatest strength in our capability and willingness to customise our systems to comply with our client’s specific requirements. We are offering you all the characteristics of a family run company within a friendly approachable environment whilst maintaining the negotiating power of a multi-national organisation.

Röhlig-Grindrod is a people’s company and our staff compliment of nearly 400 freight specialists is passionate about their work. Ongoing dedication to our personnel development enables us to serve our clients with the skill and confidence that they deserve and expect. Röhlig-Grindrod has offices across Southern Africa and we are able to offer our clients a dedicated account manager to handle their shipments irrespective of location or type of cargo, with ongoing commitment to quality and improvement. Whether you are a small or large sized company we will look after your individual needs with the same care and dedication.

People with passionate dedication to our clients needs, backed by the wealth of experience and expertise of Röhlig-Grindrod are customising solutions to meet the challenges of business in the 21st century, providing Southern Africa with Smarter Logistics for the Global Village.

We have grown through

i n n o v a t i o n

and are
c o m m i t t e d

to finding

customised solutions

for our clients.