Trends that are disrupting logistics and transportation

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Technological, business and social trends are reshaping the future of logistics. Items such as Digital Freight Platforms and Electronic Driving Technologies are driving changes in how we purchase transportation and how we move products. Let’s look at a few trends that are disrupting logistics and transportation.

Technological Trends

  • Digitalised Trucking: Involves using data from truck operations, vehicle diagnostics and the infrastructure environment.
  • Autonomous Vehicles: Cost and safety benefits due to automated driving and greater fuel efficiency due to platooning technologies which in essence, means linking two or more trucks in convoy.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data: According to a study which was carried about by Zebra Technologies Corporation, by 2024, leaders will shift their focus to the integration of more holistic solutions to build data-powered environments that balance labour and automation in the warehouse, ultimately empowering front-line workers with a performance edge to lead the way.

Business Trends

  • E-Commerce: Driving an increase in last mile delivery/return solutions.
  • Digital Freight Platforms (DFP): Digitally connecting carriers directly with shippers while creating value for both parties.

Social Trends

  • Sustainable logistics: Stricter emission regulations and corporate green initiatives require carbon neutral solutions.

Logistics professionals can no longer adhere to and implement standard operations. To stay ahead of the game, the logistics sector has to embrace the changing landscape and use it to their advantage.

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