European Road Freight Is Going Electric

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It seems today that electric cars really are the future of transportation. As little as a decade ago many of us would have scoffed at the idea, but more and more people are adopting the new(ish) technology. This can already be seen in many highly populated European cities, where electric passenger vehicles and charging stations are ubiquitous. But Volvo is ready to take the concept to a new level: electric trucks.


Volvo is planning to have the new electric trucks available for purchase in Europe in 2019, with the first units being put into operation in the coming year. The main benefits of using electric trucks include reduced emissions, less noise pollution, and lower consumption of fossil fuels.


Reduced emissions and lower consumption of fossil fuels are things that will benefit everybody. But the noise reduction is what could really change the logistics industry in Europe. Less noisy trucks will allow drivers to make around the clock deliveries in the densely populated European cities where noise complaints have prevented trucks operating late at night. That means fewer trucks stuck in rush hour traffic, and more reliable deliveries taking place at night. A recent study conducted in Stockholm, Sweden showed that deliveries could be completed in one third of the time if they were transported during off-peak hours.


It will probably be a few more years before we start to see this technology being used on a commercial scale in South Africa. The distance range of electric motors and a lack of charging stations still pose challenges to the adoption of electric vehicles here.


We look forward to seeing how well this new technology works and how it could change our industry.

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