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We recently embarked on a dual-purpose mission to support micro-enterprises while also doing our part to conserve natural resources and save our environment.

In order to do this, 4 Röhlig-Grindrod staff – Marlene Pillay, Nicolette Abrahams, Shereen Munsamy and Cherese Nel – set out to implement an eco-friendly car wash at our head offices in Linbro Park. The car wash was part of their assignment for the Khula Nathi Talent Development Programme. Khula Nathi is a Röhlig-Grindrod initiative that aims to develop and promote skills from within the organization so that we can make the most of our amazing homegrown talent.

The eco car wash also fits with our B-BBEE Corporate Social Investment Project, which aims to empower disadvantaged individuals in South Africa who are struggling to find employment – a problem far too common in our country.

Our eco car wash commits to:

  • Being 100% environmentally friendly
  • Saving up to 200 litres per car wash
  • 100% natural and soluble cleaning agents with zero toxic runoff water pollution
  • An all-in-one car wash, wax, protection, and polish in less time than a traditional wash – rims included
  • Only natural wax from the Carnauba Palm, an incredible eco-friendly product that ensures a shiny finish without damaging paintwork
  • UV protection without discolouration

Together with the Exco Team, we are exploring further opportunities to empower disadvantaged individuals.

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