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Automotive Exports to Africa Experience Boom

As Africa continues to experience growth within various economic sectors, this has had a positive impact on the importation of automotive exports. This not only includes vehicles, but a large amount of parts as well.

The 3 leading countries to experience this growth is Namibia with R7.1 Billion, followed by Botswana with R4.7 Billion and Zambia comes in just behind them with R2.8 Billion.

However, an amazing stat for the South African market, is the fact that in 2017, the total vehicle and component production turned out to be the largest manufacturing sector in the country, accounting for upto 30.1% of South Africa’s manufacturing output.

Where did all of it go? Well, a combination of vehicles along with OEM parts were exported to 149 countries, earning South Africa a whopping R164.9 Billion in automotive export revenue.

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