Röhlig-Grindrod Durban Seafreight participated in the Grindrod “Bring an extra packed lunch to work Initiative”. They pledged 100 packs.





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Our staff members were very generous in their giving. A few members of staff went on a shopping spree and bought all the goodies to make up the packs.

On Monday 20, July 2015, paper bags were dropped off in the office. On Tuesday we decided to make up the packs and only leave the sandwiches to be added on Wednesday morning, as the packs had to be delivered to the foyer by 8.30am on Wednesday 22 July. There were many hands to help and we all had fun filling the bags with sweets, biscuits, chips, a cold drink and an apple.

Wednesday morning arrived and a couple of us got in really early and started on the sandwiches.

As people arrived at work they came up to the boardroom and assisted with the making of the sandwiches, packing them into bags and adding to the packs. The paper bags were folded over and a label was put onto them. As the saying goes, “many hands make light work”, and we were finished in good time. The packs were carried downstairs by the staff, who assisted in packing them into bigger boxes and labelling them. Once all the boxes were ready they were loaded into the van to be delivered to Addington School.

A few of us were privileged enough to be able to go to the school and hand out the packs. What a Blessing this was.

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