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Our Röhlig-Grindrod Johannesburg staff kindly donated clothes, nappies, baby clothes, books, toiletries, toys and groceries and knitted bunnies to be given to nominated and selected charities amongst which a project for abused women, a crèche in Tembisa, the Millennium Home and the Vryburg Children’s Centre. The bunnies will be handed out at Christmas time for the kiddies at Sunshine School, Belly Delly and Bethany Home. Rotary will be distributing books to schools in the outlying areas.

The response from our staff was overwhelming and we were able to donate generously.

The bunny knitting project had a very enthusiastic response, especially from our Credit Control and Accounts Department, who worked every lunch time for weeks on end, to finish a final total of 150 bunnies.

This is one group of ladies who really stand out from the rest. This is all thanks to Maurette Sardinha who has driven her team almost over the edge by getting them to run a little bunny production line at lunch time in their office.

Not only did Maurette teach several ladies how to knit, she has been relentless in motivating them to continue to contribute to this project. Groceries were donated to Belly Delly Crèche in Malvern.

Childrens’ clothes donated at an orphanage in Vryburg, North West:

There are now 60 children resident at the Care Centre but most afternoons there are about 100 as many children go there to study, eat and shower before going home. They are running a special programme for outside matriculants, to have peace and quiet to study and also to give them a good meal each day. The boxes were received with great excitement and anticipation. In all we took 5 Röhlig-Grindrod boxes, three bales of blankets from the mission commission and the sports equipment which had been donated, so it was like Christmas Day.

The drop at the Tembisa Crèche still needs to take place, pictures to follow on the next magazine.

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