Röhlig-Grindrod Durban Seafreight donates to Beacon Ridge Primary School, Chatsworth





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The staff had the pleasure of attending the presentation of sponsored school shoes at Beacon Ridge Primary School on 25 August.

The event was filled with excitement from an army of children who lined up to witness their mentor and Headmaster of their School (Mr Vagapuri) receive the donated school shoes – one pair for each child in the school. The staff members of Seafreight watched on as their mentor and trusted leader Shaun Naidoo embraced the children in an exciting heart-warming event.

A speech of gratitude was given by Mr Vagapuri and words of motivation and inspiration by Shaun Naidoo were spoken to the kids who listened intently and wide eyed. As the sun set on the event, scenes were concluded with Shaun Naidoo and the Headmaster shaking hands and chants of a grateful “Thank you” filled the air.


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