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New Board member Hylton Gray

Tuesday 14 October 2014

Bremen. Hylton Gray has been appointed to the Global Executive Board of the owner run logistics company Röhlig. Hylton Gray takes over from Quentin Lacoste, Chief Executive Officer Europe, who is leaving Röhlig at the end of the year for personal reasons. Native of South Africa Hylton Gray has considerable experience as an executive manager in international logistics. Prior to his appointment to the Röhlig Global Executive Board, he was Director of Grindrod’s logistics and land operations. Previously, 45-year-old Hylton Gray had successfully run Röhlig-Grindrod, South Africa, as well as Weiss-Röhlig USA. Thomas W. Herwig, Managing Partner of Röhlig noted: “It has been a real pleasure to have worked with Quentin Lacoste for 20 years, and I am very grateful for his strong commitment to our company. At the same time, I am glad to welcome back Hylton Gray. With his appointment, we have been able to add another experienced executive to our Global Executive Board.” Thomas W. Herwig also pointed out that Hylton Gray would be based in Johannesburg, managing both the global air freight division as well as the Europe & Africa regions from there. Download press release (PDF) Download picture (JPG)

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