Röhlig-Grindrod distinguishes itself in the market through the quality of its people, talented and competent. Our staff enjoy long successful careers within the company. Recruitment commences within an internal search, the intention is to create career opportunities from within the group.

Röhlig-Grindrod encourages individual growth. Successful employees are those who identify career opportunities and take them. The strong, innovative and creative self-starting culture is present in all levels within the organisation, and rewards are given to those with drive, honesty, commitment and self-motivation.

As a result of our continuous growth, Röhlig-Grindrod is constantly creating new career opportunities. We strongly approve of promotion from within, a policy that is backed up by our commitment to spending on training and development. All individuals are afforded an equal, fair and objective opportunity when applying for employment.


Our learnership program is aimed at developing new talent within our organisation. Learners work within the company whilst completing an academic qualification. At the end of the program they have an internationally recognised FIATA Diploma and the necessary skills to work in the Freight Forwarding and the greater logistics Industry.  
Whilst the majority of the learners are employed by the company upon the successful completion of the 2.5 year program, others are employed within the industry.

International programs

These include the Blue Arena and Blue Step Programs.

The Blue arena program is aimed at developing current managers for potential senior management roles in the international offices. Training is conducted at various universities internally within an 18 month period.

Every year the Blue Step program gives two high potential employees the opportunity to network and learn internationally. The training is conducted at the Head office in Bremen, Germany.

Training and Development

We believe training and development is essential to ensure our employees have opportunities to develop their knowledge and remain current in their skills. Their career development is of utmost importance to us, and this investment in training gives both the employee and the company a positive reward.


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