Insurance and Risk Management

Protecting your assets

As an importer or exporter you know that when your cargo is in transit, you are in a high-risk situation.  Loss or damages to your valuable cargo is a risk which must be guarded against.

Some importers and exporters are under the impression that carriers will cover all losses.  This, unfortunately, is a misconception.  Carriers are not obliged to pay for loss of, or damages to cargo due to circumstances beyond their control (e.g. storms whilst at sea).  Their liability is limited by international law.  In most instances, only a fraction of a cargo’s value will be covered.

We can help you to minimise your risks and maximise the cost-effectiveness of your risk management plans.

As  a strategic partner, let Röhlig-Grindrod take over your insurance burden and lighten the load.  Talk to us today about specialised insurance for your cargo.

Specialised insurance

Our insurance facility is managed by Eikos Risk Applications (an approved Financial Services Provider in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act 2002).  This highly experienced team of insurance specialists assists us in offering and managing exceptional, convenient and cost-effective insurance protection.

For most cargos, we offer comprehensive cover (“All Risks”, Cargo Clause A”) tailor made to suit your unique requirements.  The cover caters for movements from door-to-door and protects you from a wide variety of risks.  We take over the hassles of insurance administration. Your policy premiums, insurance certificates, declarations, and claims are managed completely by our specialist teams.

Our bulk purchasing power ensures that our rates are very competitive.  This translates into lower landed costs.  Since insurance premiums are incorporated in our invoices, you only have one party to pay and there are no hidden costs.  Insurance claims are dealt with and paid out in accordance with international policies and clauses.