Warehousing and Contract Logistics

Röhlig-Grindrod’s Warehousing Solutions extend beyond the standard shipping, receiving and storage of products. Our solutions are designed to add efficiency and cost savings, creating immediate value to your supply chains.

Whether it’s a dedicated warehousing solution or the ability to leverage our shared-customer warehousing options, you can take advantage of the different components, either collectively or individually.

Our services include:
•    Inventory management and visibility
•    Pick and pack, kitting, labeling
•    Display build and setup
•    Repack
•    Clamshell, blister pack, etc.
•    Parts cleaning and repair
•    Document scanning and Edi
•    Processing and management of returns
•    Order fulfilment
•    Cross-docking
•    Barcode scanning
•    Bonded / virtual warehousing
•    Security and access control
•    Warehouse Management System

Shared Warehouse Facilities

Lower overall costs and increased flexibility are the overarching benefits customers derive through a shared warehouse facility. Over and above the cost savings related to the amount of space, labour and equipment used, our customers have the added advantage of having access to additional resources as their requirements fluctuate.

Dedicated Warehouse Facilities

Our dedicated warehousing solutions are designed to deliver competitive advantage to your dynamic business environment. We model your facility layout and design in alignment with your operational processes and provide the necessary skilled manpower to ensure a smooth operation.

In addition to this our WMS system will give you the real-time visibility needed for transactions and inventory allocation to cut cycle times and improve inventory turns. Our compliance with ISO standards, comprehensive security, health & safety, environmental policies are enforced at all our warehouses to ensure the process is managed efficiently and cost-effectively every step of the way.

Crossdock and unpack solutions

The term cross docking refers to moving product from a manufacturing plant and delivers it directly to the customer with little or no material handling in between. Cross docking not only reduces material handling, but also reduces the need to store the products in the warehouse. In most cases the products sent from the manufacturing area to the loading dock has been allocated for outbound deliveries. In some instances the products will not arrive at the loading dock from the manufacturing area, but may arrive as a purchased product that is being re-sold or being delivered from another of the companies manufacturing plants for shipment from the warehouse.


Reducing costs through transactional means is limited ,and so, many of our customers have engaged with us to look at alternative solutions that create efficiencies resulting in higher cost savings than traditional transactions.

Röhlig-Grindrod have unpack facilities at all the main ports in South Africa which facilitates the unpacking of containers at points of arrival with the delivery of products either directly to manufacturers or retailers reducing the overall lead time as well as avoiding the cost to turn in containers.

•    Reduction in labour costs, as the products no longer require picking and put away in the warehouse.
•    Reduction in the time from production to the customer, which helps improve customer satisfaction.
•    Reduction in the need for warehouse space, as there is no requirement to store the products.