We’re different.

Careful, considered planning is essential to every aspect of our business regardless of size and quantity. Goods, including high value and hazardous cargo, need to arrive on time to ensure our customers’ businesses run smoothly and efficiently. It is essential that our involvement contributes positively to production lines, launch deadlines, lead times and inventory challenges.

We offer services in import control, general export, breakbulk handling and forwarding, as well as the control and management of the transport fleet. With twice weekly consolidations, we are one of a few forwarding agents with our own off airport de-grouping facilities.  This time saving benefit allows for greater security in the handling of customer's cargo.

Our international network of offices ensures efficient tracking whilst offering competitive rates and service excellence. With local offices in all main airports, deliveries are efficiently facilitated to various destinations. All our preferred transporters and sub-contractors are ISO accredited, ensuring ongoing reliability and expert knowledge through the various steps of the logistics chain.

Designed for you.

We understand that the challenges and complexities facing our customers are not common to all, and that a unique solution is often called for. Our Core Carrier partnerships with reputable airlines allows us to leverage our global volumes to deliver reliable, cost effective and individualised local airfreight solutions.

We have designed a comprehensive range of airfreight products tailored with specific customer needs in mind:

Premium Direct

Designed for when those unavoidable emergencies arise. We will ensure your product is on the first available flight within the shortest possible timeframe.

For breakdowns, line stoppages, life-saving medication and so forth.


Ideal for customers with regular airfreight requirements. This is a cost effective service on premium carriers that ensures consistency and frequency of delivery.

For high value items that impact inventory levels, small quantities, stocks items in short supply with long lead times that need replenishing, fast selling items that cannot endure long transit times.


For those who have the luxury of time to plan.

This service is perfect for goods that are too small or valuable for seafreight.

Express Continex

Created with those below 10kg shipments in mind.  This offering allows customers to deal with one company regardless of what the service requirements dictate.

Available to our contracted customers and on high-volume segments only.

Air Charter Services

For the remotest of destinations.

Thanks to our extensive capital equipment project experience, we have the expertise to engage charter parties that understand deadlines as well as the type of equipment needed to get your cargo to those far-flung destinations.

Off Airport Degroup Facilities

As one of the major players in the freight forwarding industry in South Africa, we operate our own off airport degroup facility. This means that we are able to transfer full airline pallets intact to our facilities in Johannesburg and Cape Town bringing many benefits to our customers:

  • Reduces waiting time once cargo has been offloaded from aircraft

  • Avoids double handling as we collect the airline pallet intact and break it down in our facility

  • Shrink wrapping allows us to safely move the pallets as one unit reducing the amount of handling, therefore lowering the risk of damages and pilferage

  • Reduced excessive handling means less risk of damage


It doesn’t end there.


If you feel none of the above will fly, please contact us so that we can customise a solution for you.